Our Mission

The mission of Hill Education Associates (HEA) is to raise awareness, educating public school employees on the negative impact two government provisions, the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and the Government Pension Offset (GPO), can have on their retirement income.

Dennis Hill, the founder of HEA, was an educator for over twenty years before becoming a Financial/Retirement Advisor. Presenting retirement planning seminars for educators over many years, it became clear to him how few seminar participants knew about or understood the WEP and GPO and the negative impact they can have on retirement income. He realized this was not only a problem in Texas but many other states across the country. He decided to remedy this situation and finally found a solution.

Mr. Hill created Hill Education Associates (HEA), a network of associates across the country who present HEA Retirement Seminars to educators in their area raising awareness regarding the WEP and GPO. The goal of HEA and the associates is to help educators prepare knowledgeably for a financially secure retirement.

I gained more knowledge than I expected from the seminar. The information is extremely important for public employees to know!

- HEA Seminar Attendee

Our national network of associates provides free educational seminars for public school employees and their spouses to inform and educate them on the impact the WEP and GPO can have on their retirement income.